Niqu-e Girl! (Unfirish)

I had an ask limit..

So here is the rest :)

I think I was on..

9. ) You used to self harm & can relate to that so deeply.

10.) Very Witty!

11.) You’re little sarcasm I catch wind of sometimes..

12.) Embrace your strange

13.) Share a birthday w/ my Mom which is special to me :)

14.) Unique name

15.) In LOVE w/ 5 idiots :)

16.) Love for Narry & Nouis!

17.) Honesty

18.) You are bullied & that also hits home for me..

19.) Loyal

20.) Care Free!

21.) Fun loving!

22.) Loving period.

23.) Smart


25.) Beautiful inside & out


(Woahh livin’ on a prayer! Bon Jovi in case you didn’t get that :D)

26.) Older fan & not ashamed

27.) Your Hair!

28.) Your Eyes!

29.) Your lips!

30.) Non-sexually Your body!

31.) Fuck it, Your Smile :)

32.) Your style!

33.) Your cute selfies!

34.) Your advice

35.) Low BS tolerance towards others

36.) You don’t hate

37.) You’re Giving

38.) Love of sloths!

39.) Celery w/ Nutella because I know NOBODY that likes that :)

40.) The fact you have been on your own for a few years & can keep taking care of yourself. Also hits home for me..

41.) Your maturity

42.) The way you stopped harming because that makes me so proud.

43.) The way you talk to everyone!

44.) You aren’t cocky about 1.9k followers!

45.) You’re a great listener

46.) You’re so polite to everybody

47.) The way you love everyone, even when you find it hard to love yourself

48.) “The way you flip your hair!.” (Sorry, I had to :D)

49.) Your wonderful soul!


50.) You are you Niqu-e :)

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